New Hampshire Medical Marijuana Card Cost

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How Much Does the New Hampshire Medical Marijuana Card Cost?

The New Hampshire Therapeutic Cannabis Program (TCP) issues registry ID cards to patients and caregivers enrolled in it. The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services allows physicians, physician assistants, and nurses to certify patients seeking to join the TCP. Before joining the program, a patient must obtain and submit a completed and signed Written Certification from an eligible medical practitioner.

Cost of Physician Consultation

New Hampshire allows state-licensed doctors of medicine (MDs), doctors of osteopathy (DOs), physician assistants (PAs), and advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) to certify patients for medical cannabis use. In addition, the TCP also accepts written certifications from MDs, DOs, and APRNs practicing in Vermont, Massachusetts, and Maine as long as they are primary care providers or specialists of the patients they are certifying for therapeutic cannabis. Patients may expect to pay medical providers for consultations leading to issue them certification for medical marijuana use. The cost of this consultation varies from one practice to another but usually falls between $100 and $400.

New Hampshire Medical Marijuana Card Fee

In New Hampshire, patients have to pay a $50 fee when applying for or renewing their TCP Registry ID. Caregivers do not pay for any fee for initial or renewal applications. The state does charge $10 to replace a lost or damaged therapeutic cannabis card.

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