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How Many Dispensaries Are in New Hampshire?

There are 7 cannabis dispensaries in New Hampshire. These are all alternative treatment centers (ATCs).

When Do New Hampshire Marijuana Dispensaries Open Near Me?

As of January 2024, none of New Hampshire's 7 ATCs open earlier than 10:00 a.m. If you live around any alternative treatment center, the dispensary would either open by 10:00 a.m. or 11:00 a.m. For more specific information about the opening hours of New Hampshire's ATCs, search online for "New Hampshire marijuana dispensaries near me." While the search results would list the names of New Hampshire ATCs, the information will also include the opening hours of the dispensaries.

Do New Hampshire Cannabis Dispensaries Open Late Near Me?

New Hampshire cannabis dispensaries usually close early, with none of the ATCs in the state closing later than 7:00 p.m. The closing hours also vary depending on the day of the week. Hence, it is recommended that you contact the dispensary beforehand to find out the store’s closing hours. You can find the contact information of any of New Hampshire ATCs from the results of a “legal New Hampshire marijuana dispensary near me.”

Are there New Hampshire Dispensaries Near Me that Deliver?

If you live in any of the 7 cities where medical marijuana dispensaries are in New Hampshire, you may be able to find a dispensary near you that offers cannabis delivery. However, if you reside farther away from licensed ATCs, you may still be able to have cannabis delivered to your doorstep if you are a registered New Hampshire medical marijuana patient. In order to be sure that a New Hampshire dispensary offers cannabis delivery, contact the dispensary or search online for “legal New Hampshire cannabis dispensaries near me offering delivery.”

Are there New Hampshire Dispensaries that Ship Out of State?

Although the state permits dispensaries to sell medical cannabis, retailers do not ship medical cannabis across state lines, even to jurisdictions where medical cannabis is also legal. In accordance with marijuana’s status as a Schedule I drug, it is also considered to be of no medical benefit federally and is not permitted to be moved between states.

Are there Recreational Dispensaries in New Hampshire?

No, there are no recreational dispensaries in New Hampshire. Only medical marijuana retailers exist in the state. New Hampshire medical marijuana retail stores are also called alternative treatment centers (ATCs) and are only available in the following locations: Dover, Chichester, Lebanon, Merrimack, Keene, Plymouth, and Conway.

What Do I Need to Bring to a New Hampshire Recreational Marijuana Dispensary Near Me?

There are no recreational marijuana dispensaries in New Hampshire.

What Do I Need to Bring to a New Hampshire Medical Marijuana Dispensary Near Me?

You must bring a New Hampshire medical marijuana card and cash to purchase medical cannabis at a New Hampshire alternative treatment center. If you are a new medical marijuana patient, a state-issued photo ID, such as a New Hampshire driver's license and a New Hampshire medical marijuana card, is required. Note that New Hampshire does not accept out-of-state medical marijuana cards.

Can I Visit a New Hampshire Dispensary Near Me Without a Medical Marijuana Card?

No. With only medical marijuana dispensaries permitted to sell cannabis in the state, you must have a New Hampshire medical marijuana card to visit a dispensary. Recreational cannabis and recreational cannabis dispensaries are yet to be legalized in New Hampshire.

Can I Enter a New Hampshire Dispensary Near Me at Age 18?

The state allows persons aged 18 or older, registered under the New Hampshire Therapeutic Cannabis Program to enter dispensaries in the state. Persons under 18 registered under the program can only enter New Hampshire ATCs in the company of their approved caregivers.

How Many New Hampshire Dispensaries Near Me Can I Visit in A Day?

There are no limits on the number of marijuana dispensaries you visit in a single day or how many times you visit a particular dispensary. However, there is a limit on how much cannabis you can buy.

Do New Hampshire Dispensaries Near Me Take Credit Cards?

Due to federal regulations, there are limitations on how New Hampshire dispensaries process payments. Due to the federal status of marijuana, banks refrain from doing business with dispensaries. Hence, credit cards are not accepted at New Hampshire ATCs. Currently, dispensaries in the state accept cash and allow visitors to withdraw cash from on-site ATMs for cannabis purchases. They may also accept debit processed by POB Systems and CanPay.

Do New Hampshire Dispensaries Near Me Accept Medical Insurance?

No, New Hampshire dispensaries do not accept medical insurance since medical insurance policies and plans do not cover cannabis.

Do New Hampshire Dispensaries Near Me Track How Much Weed I Buy?

To ensure that New Hampshire medical marijuana patients do not purchase more than the permitted limits, dispensaries in the state track weed purchases. So, expect to have your purchases logged when buying medical cannabis in New Hampshire.

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