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New Hampshire Weed Delivery

There are seven medical marijuana dispensing facilities, also known as medical marijuana dispensaries, in New Hampshire. None of the dispensaries is permitted to offer medical marijuana delivery services as the service has not been authorized under New Hampshire medical marijuana laws. Despite the decriminalization of the possession of small amounts of weed and recent legislative moves to legalize adult-use marijuana, recreational marijuana sale and delivery remain illegal.

Is Medical Marijuana Delivery Legal in New Hampshire?

No, medical marijuana delivery is illegal in New Hampshire. While House Bill 573 legalized medical marijuana in 2013, and the first legal sale occurred in 2016, the state has not legalized marijuana delivery to medical cannabis buyers.

Does New Hampshire Allow Recreational Marijuana Delivery?

Recreational marijuana is illegal in New Hampshire. Consequently, it is unlawful to offer or use recreational marijuana delivery services in the state.

Can You Order Weed Online in New Hampshire?

You can order medical marijuana online if you plan to visit the store to pick up your order. Weed delivery services are illegal, and selling or buying adult-use weed is prohibited.

How Much Weed Can You Order for Delivery in New Hampshire?

You cannot order weed for delivery in New Hampshire.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Use Weed Delivery Services in New Hampshire?

Weed delivery services are illegal in the state.

Who Can Provide Weed Delivery Service in New Hampshire?

No business or establishment may offer weed delivery services in New Hampshire. The state prohibits weed delivery services.

How to Find a New Hampshire Weed Delivery Service Near Me

There are no weed delivery services in any New Hampshire jurisdiction owing to the restriction on marijuana delivery in the state.

Do You Need to Present Your ID to Receive Weed Delivery in New Hampshire?

No business or entity offers weed delivery services in the state.

Is Weed Delivery Available in All Cities in New Hampshire?

No. Weed delivery is unavailable in all New Hampshire cities. The state does not permit its licensed ATCs (Alternative Treatment Centers) to offer weed delivery services.